Traditional Karate, Self Defense and Weapons Training

in Terrell, Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area

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Dojo manuals

Dojo manuals are included in the cost of training. 

If you have not received your manual,

see Sensei at your next class.

Files for Students to download:

These are the 25 basics - the basics are an essential part of your training.  You will progress in the basics if you practice them at home, in addition to the time we spend on them in class:

    25 Basics - OSMKKF.pdf       

Following is an example of how one person

might write a kata.  Use whatever words work for you - when you write kata, it is for your reference only. Written kata and video do not take the place of training in the dojo.  They are just “helps” for the serious student.

    Fukyu Kata Ichi.pdf

These files contain some helpful terms - the first document includes the information needed for class; the second is a more lengthy list of Japanese terms, for those who are interested:

    Beginning and ending karate class.pdf

    Karate Terminology.pdf