Traditional Karate, Self Defense and

Okinawan Weapons Training in

Terrell, Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area

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  North Texas Kenshin Kan Karate exists to train

  you in self-defense and authentic martial

  arts. We teach Shorin Ryu  Ken Shin Kan karate,

  Okinawan weapons and Tuite (joint manipulation).

  We conduct self-defense classes for civic groups

  and clubs and offer private self-defense and

  karate lessons.

  The arts we teach are applicable to the real world. 

  We practice techniques that can save our lives

  and protect others from harm. For this reason, we

  take practice very seriously. At NTKK, the black

  belt is not considered the “top of the mountain”,

  but is a sign that you have a grasp of the basics  

  and are ready to learn.

  Students gain increased focus, self-discipline,

  confidence, physical fitness, emotional balance,

  and respect for self and others.

  See Class Info page for our current schedule,

  tuition and  additional info.

  Visit the links at the top of the page to learn about

  our karate style, our school and our  Federation.

  Click on the photos of Grand Master Fusei Kise

  and Kaicho Isao Kise to learn about the leaders

  of our Federation  (OSMKKF) and their classes in

  Okinawa, Japan.